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See why the TyloHelo Inc. line of brands are market leaders
Depending on where you live, or perhaps the channel with which you distribute, you will likely know us by one of our brand names rather than TyloHelo Inc, formerly Saunatec, or coporate name. TyloHelo's nationwide network of dealers carry their brand with pride and provide excellent local service and support. For more details on each brand, visit the links to each main name brand site. At left is a short summary of each of our key brands. Sumply click on the link to be directed to the particular brand website, which will include dealer locators and contact forms for more information.
Helo, the most popular sauna brand worldwide, is well known in the U.S. by architects, builders, and commercial contractors alike. Since the 1960s, Helo has been specified by more American architects than any other sauna brand. Helo's dealers are known for their strong knowledge of both traditional and infrared sauna products and benefits. Visit a local Helo dealer today or visit the Helo site.
Finnleo, the most popular sauna brand in North America, is well known for its European designs, deluxe features, and well-educated dealer base. Finnleo keeps to its Finnish roots with traditional Scandinavian white woods, abachi benches and designs as well as modern interior and exterior systems/options that highlight the design of your sauna as much as the quality. For more complete details visit the Finnleo website or your local Finnleo showroom.
Amerec is the leader in steam bathing design, engineering and service support. Our products are available through distribution and wholesale throughout North America. Since 1963, Amerec has been a leader in the steam and heat bathing industry. Innovation features and products such as "warm start," "soft steam," and "ComfortFlo Steam Heads" are just a few of the products/features introduced by Amerec. For those looking for the latest steam product designs and reliability, look no further than Amerec.
When you choose a product from Tylo, high quality comes as standard. Our commitment to quality is reflected in all aspects of our operations, from design and product development to the choice of materials, manufacturing processes, service and support.

Helo Commercial has a long history of providing sauna and steam equipment to commercial projects, like health clubs, community and wellness center, NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB training facilities, universities, military and government installations, and many other venues, including residential applications. By working directly with the architect and contractor, Helo Commercial helps plan and specify the products needed to provide the best sauna and steam experience available.
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