Global Presence

TyloHelo World Group offers sauna and steam bath solutions in selected market segments through a number of strong brands. Uniting two global leaders, Tylo and Helo, we are the world's largest sauna and steam bath business. 
In the TyloHelo World Group our product range includes wood-burning and electric heaters and their controllers, steam generators, sauna and steam rooms, steam suites, infrared cabins and various types of sauna and steam bathing accessories.
We coordinate the development, manufacture and marketing of sauna and steam products worldwide within the TyloHelo family, and that generates both financial and knowledge-related synergies. 
Internal benchmarking and the exchange of expertise support our constant efforts to improve efficiency and profitability.
Experience TyloHelo
Collectively, companies in the TyloHelo World Group have more experience—and have introduced more functional and design innovation to sauna and steam—than any other company in the world. Within the Group, there are steam, sauna and infrared research centers, modern manufacturing facilities and an unparalleled sales and service network reflecting more than 100 years of experience. Industry-leading accomplishments throughout our history include:
• Prototyped the first electric sauna heater
• One of the first sauna companies to open research centers dedicated solely to sauna and     steam innovation
• Founder was the first to miniaturize heating elements for modern heaters
• Innovated the deep stone holder for heaters, a core design feature even today
• One of the first sauna manufacturers to perfect quality mass production
• Pioneered wood burning stoves in Finland
• Became Finland’s "de-facto” home heater in the 30’s
• Developed the classic wood burning heater designs, many of which still thrive today
• Introduced carbon heating "full coverage” infrared technology
• Introduced unique sauna room designs with curved glass, wraparound benching and more
• Developed the original "heat storing” heater 
• Popularized steam bathing in the US market
• Innovated small space steam kits that can be added to the shower
• Have continually introduced innovation such as advanced electronic climate control
TyloHelo World Group is an amalgamation of leading sauna and steam brands, some of them started more than 100 years ago. As we’ve grown, select product and services leaders in their categories have been added to the portfolio, ensuring we can meet the sauna, steam and infrared needs of every customer segment in the world. From the most discerning design to the most cost-effective—wherever someone wants to enjoy the healthful, purifying benefits of sauna or steam, today’s TyloHelo has a solution.
1908 -  Kastor is founded, supplying wood burning stoves to the Finnish market
1919 -  Karjalan Sähkö Oy (Helo) is established in Viipuri, Finland. The company eventually invents the first electric sauna prototype, and is the forefather of Helo.
1949 - The original Tylo is set up in a woodshed in Halmstad, Sweden by founder Sven-Olof Janson, Tylo eventually becomes one of the world’s leading and largest suppliers of saunas.
1963 - Amerec starts manufacturing saunas in Bellevue, WA, adding steam bath generators to the product line in 1979
1984 - Finnleo is founded in Cokato, Minnesota.
1991 - Helo brings Finnleo and Kastor under its umbrella
1998 - Helo adds Amerec to the portfolio
2008 - Helo and Tylo merge to form the world’s largest sauna and steam manufacturer
2010 - The world’s largest sauna and steam manufacturer is renamed TyloHelo Group

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