Sauna Q&A

The Sauna Experience
What is the appropriate temperature for a sauna?
Temperature range depends on user's preference, but is typically between 150 and 175 degrees Fahrenheit for traditional and 120 to 130 degrees Fahrenheit for infrared. Both cooler and hotter is not uncommon.
How long should I stay in the sauna?
Use common sense as to what feels comfortable. Typically, stay in the sauna for 10-15 minutes, step out and cool off, then return to the sauna for another "inning." Repeat as desired. Don't overdo it. Set the temperature and humidity level (if traditional) to your comfort level. If you begin to feel uncomfortable, leave the sauna and cool off. 
What should I do after my sauna?
Take a shower or bath to cleanse your skin of salts and residues left behind. A cool rinse will close your pores and leave you feeling refreshed. Don't forget to moisturize your hair and skin with a quick shampoo and a lotion rubdown. Drink water, mineral water, fruit or vegetable juice to replace lost fluids.
Can I pour water on the rocks of Saunatec traditional heaters?
Yes, absolutely. Not only is it okay, it is an essential part of the traditional sauna experience. On the infrared side, humidity will be ambient.
What about health problems?
Consult your physician if you have a history of heart problems, high blood pressure or other health problems. 
What is the #1 most common benefit mentioned by sauna users?
Relaxation, followed by detoxification.
Materials and Installation
Does the sauna need a drain?
No, it is not necessary, but it may be more convenient for cleaning purposes, particularly with traditional saunas

What kind of floor is appropriate in a sauna?
Cement, tile -- anything that will not absorb water for traditional saunas. For infrared wood or tile is most typical. Never use carpet as it will absorb sweat and emit odors.
How do I determine the size of the heater?
Take L x W x H to calculate cubic footage, and then find the correct heater on the Finnleo or Helo heater sizing chart. On the infrared saunas, the correct amount of emitters and wattage has already been determined and maximized for each room.
What type of circuit breaker should I use?
Standard breakers, properly sized for the heater according to the National Electric Code. For the standard Infrared saunas, they can be plugged in to normal household 120 volt outlets (15 and 20 amp).
Why do you recommend so many different wood choices?
Woods are determined for multiple reasons. The main reason is performance. All the woods we use in our saunas have been used for centuries in sauna use and have long proven their viability for sauna use. The main reason for wood choices is user preference and style. We hand select clear softwoods such as Western Red Cedar and Canadian Hemlock (vertical grain only) and European fine grained woods such as European Alder and Nordic White Spruce complemented by matching bench materials which enhance the user experience and comfort. We determine the best profiles, thickness, framing materials, hardware and provide you with a product that is built to last. Our warranties and decades of experience confirm our leadership in this regard.
Time and Money
What is the average cost to operate? 
If used 3 times/week, a 6 kW heater will use about $4 to $6/month. A 2.1 kW heater would use about $2/month. For Far-infrared, the typical sauna uses $3 to $5 per month. Steambaths average $3 to $5 per month.
What is the average heat-up time for a sauna? 
A traditional sauna typically heats up in 30-45 minutes. During this time period the rocks will be properly heated for soft heat and soft steam – and the wood interior will be comfortably heated, too. With the addition of a Saunatonttu heater heat up time is cut in half. On the infrared side, most bathers find that a 10 minute wait is about right. By then, the air has warmed up a little and the emitters are running at full power. 
Pouring water on the rocks of TyloHelo Inc. heaters is an essential part of the traditional sauna experience. All TyloHelo Inc. Heaters are safety tested and listed to ensure reliability, safety and normal wet/dry sauna use. The bather adjusts the temperature and humidity to their own liking giving full control and maximum enjoyment.
Finish off your sauna session with a cool shower and a cold beverage.
Need help designing or determining which product or heater is right for you? Visit our dealer locator for the dealer nearest you, or contact us.
All the woods we use in our saunas have been used for centuries in sauna construction around the world. They are chosen as being ideal for sauna use and each board is hand selected for it's quality, color and grain. Your retailer will help you match the wood type that fits your design tastes and bathing preferences.
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